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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  August 30, 2016 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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go to my facebook page a ke it. see what's there up next, "the o'rll factor." good night from washgton, d.c. welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levey at the "red eye" tease deck. andy? >> hi, tom. welcome back. i'm kigd, of course. coming up on the big show after another 6ing scandal huma separates from her husband, anthony wiener. funny thing is now that they e n together wiener will probably start to sext her. and colin kaepernick is sitting during theational anthem. he is so committed to his cause he will probably sit the benchost of the season. and gene wilder has died and we willoo lk a his comedic genius.
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she knows more about foreign policy tha jn harry and hilla combid. kt mcfarland. and he is more all-american than tim tebow riding a bald eagle. a staff writer at the washington freebie con, bill mcmorris. he doesn't need to be drunk to ruin dinner, tim dillon. and the funniest conservative caught on tape since nixon. sitting next to me is comedian and contributor at pj media, steven cerruis. let's start the show. > america's favorite couple is calli ituits. hillary clinton's top a anunced s i leaving anthony wiener hours after the new york post reported his latest sexting scandal. the disbraced excongress -- disgracedxconessman has
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been sexting with a woman out west seen here. the post referred to her as a busty, brunette. in one exchang last year he nt a ctc shot with his toddler son in the pic. wiener was discussing massage parlors near his old apartment. a topic that left him aroused when he abruptly changed the subject. he said someone just climbed into my bed. she said really? he september this pic -- he senthis pic and she sai do youwou can see your wien i tt pic? donald said she is makin a wise decisio she will be farber off without him. >> it was interest of national security. hillary clinton was careless and neglige in allowing wiener to have close approximate sell tee toighly classified information. that makes sense, right?
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right? >> he has so many problems they don't know where to start. what is the biggest problem? >> the biggest problem is how abnormal all of the people whether it isil clinton and bllinton and uma and whether it is anthony. pick your person. in politics, are there any normal people out there? i don't think . >> this is the thing, kt, they are complaining about donald trump, he isot esidential. look at the clown hillary surrounds herself with. >> i think it is well said. >> there you go. tim dillon. the third scandal in the last five years. can we be -- forgive? >> it is a modern marriage. she is a jihadist and he is a sex addict. here is the thing with the photo when people send a picture of their genitals they
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will use an object to compare the size. they say look at my pea nuss -- penis ver sis this t -- versus this tv remote. he used a toddler. is there anything more impressive than that? apparently i'm alone and that's fine. >> i want to make sure you are alone. >> legally i am alone. >> i wanted to leave it out there. steven, obviously he has some problems. we are laughing about it, et cetera. i don't think the marriage -- can you say the marriage ever happened? they were married by bill clinton. he officiated their marriage. >> am i wrong about this? bill clinton said the thing. i'm so old i remember when politicians used to get laid during sex scandals. it was not just a thing in their bed with the phone. >> this is sad america has come to this now in the age of the selfie you can't even get
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action if you will have a career ending sex scandal. it never was a real marriage. you had to wink, wink, nudge, nudge and the way he nudges it is creepy. >> it is true. isn't it funny that he just can't stop. that's the thing. it took him down once. then he ran for mayor and it took him down again. he almost has nothing to lose now, right? >> every celebrity gets busted cheating on his wife goes with the sex addiction thing. i will defend him. wiener may be the only one who has a pathological problem. >> when you got your baby in bed with your junk and you are texting the busty brunette, which is a good description 6789 i. i thought that was good of the post writer. that tran sends weirdness and goes to pathology. >> do you think some part of him wanted to get caught? that's what everyone seems to think. it seems that ridiculous. >> i don't think so. i agree with the pathology excuse.
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you have to think that every time some girl tried to catfish him and came out of no where and was like here is me in a thong he actually did the calculation in his head and went this is going to ruin my life. i better make sure my son is in bed with me. >> child protective services show up. jay to defend him he didn't start -- it was the kid who came in -- the kid interrupted him, tim. >> i had to block him. he texted me several times. the guy clearly has a problem and it is one of those things where it is playing out in front of the country. these are partnerships in power. they are not married because like they are -- he was going to be a big -- bill and hillary clinton are not married because they both like cookies. these people are married because they want to attain a certain status and they want to date one power jievment it is an old --
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>> so it is an old-fashioned marriage. >> she knew going in there were these problems. i don't think he is just doing this. i don't think he just -- >> you don't think this is the reaction to my wife has a big career and i'm finished? >> this is his dna for a longtime. he probably, just like bill clinton, he was able to somewhat manage it. now it has gotten to the point he can't control it. >> and now it is over and she said move on. >> something hillary never did obviously, moving on. donald trump's doctor drafted a letter declaring trump to be the healthiest person in history. uhastonishing excellent and extraordinary. it began, to whom my concern. i think he meant to whom it may concern. now we are learning to my great surprise he wrote this letter in five minutes while the limo waited for him outside his office. nbc news scored the exclusive interview. >> i thought about it all day.
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at the end i get rushed and anxious. i get anxious when i am rushed. >> i have done the same thing. did he really write it in five minutes while the driver waited? >> who is that advisor behind him? she was triting to -- she was trying to but in there. dr. born -- bornstein is not concerned about the gop's health. >> his health is excellent. it works out just fine. his brain is turned on 24 hours a day. >> his brain is turned on. that's enough for me kt, how about you? >> it is a funny, made up thing because the real health issue that we should be talking about is hillary clinton. >> that's what i want to talk about.
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>> it is all a big smoke screen. why was she watering the glasses? is there an issue with hillary clinton's health? we have yet to have an answer for that. >> that's why i am surprised that nbc, steven, went out and did this interview. it brings up hillary's health. they had to address it as wl. there are questions about her health. she had the coke bottle glasses. we know she hurt her head. >> then they fight a doctor -- there is a smoke screen there and how is this guy not gary johnson's doctor? dr. dime bag there with the hair and the everything. you want to go in? i am giving uh colonoscopy today. no you're not. i will give you some stuff. this happens and you find one doctor that is so cartoonish that he writes medical reports like trump tweets. >> you say that, but think back to your doctor. think back. i know in the new york doctors i know that the issue isy
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eccentric and weird. >> those guys are not doctors. just because you lend the guy money and say hear me outdoes president mean he is a -- >> everyone has some type of eccentric doctor. i don't think this guy is weird. >> i mean i don't think i am original or alone in saying this looks like the crazy scientist from independence day. like i have only read the transcript and this is the first time i'm looking at it. i'm looking a the it and go, yeah, doctor, johnny hopkins is going to absolutely -- >> he actually went to tufts medical school. i walked past the building today. jay they are making -- >> they are making america great again. >> he has a drawing, a portrait on his wall. he doesn't look like a real doctor.
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>> i have had a lot of doctors and they are always like this. they have strange portraits on their wall. >> hillary clinton's doctor is a witch doctor. >> i think this is a lot of snobbery from people. >> i want to know your doctors. > that's the thing. i want your doctors and your dentists. this eccentric group of health village are working around you. >> you have to do better than that as a doctor. >> here is the thing -- >> his father was trump's doctor before. >> that's the key. he went to the father and then the father retired and he inherited this guy. >> they are a family of gypsy doctors. they have been healing the trumps for generations. >> we talk about this. you are a guy. do you go to the doctor that often? no, you don't want to go. >> only when there is something wrong. >> i don't plan to be. if i did i probably would -- this guy -- there is a guy in
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my neighborhood in queens that is in a dunkin donuts all the time, every day. i think it is this guy. i put a coat on him. >> his name went to tufts. >> somebody died and he took his sorell security. >> he wouldn't have a bad doctor. he is a rich man. he trusts this guy. >> chained in the basement he has a real doctor. >> we need someone who will write whatever. >> i have one even better. >> trump is elected and this guy becomes the white house physician. >> everything is legal. >> we never got to hill a -- hillary's problems. >> she has sunglasses on. nobody knows why. >> she is always coughing. i have been reading the
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reports. >> i have to mention last year we thought we were the first to interview trump's doctor. take a look. >> we reached out to elaborate on trump's medical record. he joins us now by the phone. thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule. is he the healthy yet -- the healthiest you have treated? >> bar none this guy is one of the most healthiest people ever. you know what, he is. he is the healthiest person ever. >> do you think trump could live forever? >> i wouldn't want to say -- i wouldn't want to go that far, but he will live to be at least 150 or 175. he is just -- he is in such amazing health. >> he will run for president forever. >> how about that host? >> he is taking a stand by sitting. quarterback colin kaepernick
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is not afraid of a little controversy. before an exhibition game the back up qb refused to stand for the national anthem. he didn't want to, quote, show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people. there are bodies in the streets and people are getting paid leave and getting away with murder. over the weekend cap kaepernick said he plans on continuing his protest. >> i will continue to sit. i will continue to stand with the people that are being oppressed. to me that is something that has to change. the flag represents what they are supposed to represent. >> kap -- i call him kap, has thoughts on the presidential election. >> you have hillary and there are black teens called super predators and donald trump who is openly racist. we have a presidential
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candidate who has deleted e-mails and done things illegally and is a presidential candidate. that doesn't make sense to me. if that was any other person you would be in prison. so what is this country really standing for? >> bill my take away, hillary clinton should not be elected president. what do you think? that's what i took from kaepernick. >> it is a shame he didn't say this in july and he would have been chosen as vp. it is perfect. you need an attack dog and in this case you are the attack idiot. colin kaepernick has followed a few twitter accounts and is like i have the scoop. >> he doesn't have a lot of time so he goes home and st>ys up late and reads blogs and whatnot and he is swept up in the moment. now he is committed, bill. he says he is not going to stand up until things get better. when will that be? he will never be able to stand
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again. >> he is figuring out where he can sit with the most tv egg pose sure. >> are you talking about a political issue? i imagine that's how it will play out. >> a man of principal. >> do you remember the calling calling -- basketball player who played for the mavericks who refused to stand up in the national anthem and it was a controversy? me neither. >> it was denver. >> were you born in the 90s? >> everyone is saying he has the right to do. it i am not so sure. i don't know the law. >> of course he has the right to do it, but what i can't wait to see, put your money where your mouth is. if the country is so racist and horrible, then take the $10 million a year he makes and give it to a worthy cause to help make it a better country. >> what is he doing by sitting down? literally he is sitting down on-the-job. >> i am always sitting and
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always protesting something. there is legitimate anger. there is horrifying videos of unarmed people getting killed. your facebook. >> no in the world. he is choosing -- this is his right and he feels like he has a platform. what is all of the wining about? why beyonce makes a statement. are we going to be the free speech people or not? >> wait a minute. so you are saying -- i thought you said what is the whining. you say we are doing the whining. >> there are a lot of conservatives i see getting very angry that somebody made a statement they disagreed with. grow up. get over it. >> i am not angry. i just want people to be forced up and put their hand over their heart. >> this is the nfl. i don't know where people thought there was free speech.
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the guys who want to go out and honor their mother who had breast cancer and can't wear pink. the soviet union lives through roger goodell and they can do whatever they want. colin kaepernick has become johnny manziel without the tale and the drugs. he is fading so fast right now he went from a super bowl qb and a big contract guy and nobody wants him. there is brilliant publicity, but it is ridiculous to think the nfl won't make him stand up. they make players do things all the time. >> he is in danger anyway and they can ut cut him anytime. he says you can't cut me more political reasons. >> he is protecting his legacy. he has a bunch of guaranteed money in his contract and this is a way to shore up the fact that he won't get caught. >> otherwise there is a claim of discrimination.
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>> he is going to run for congress, do you think? >> i don't think standing is too well in the country. where is he from? think about it. >> san francisco. my boy. jay thng there is a congressional seat that could be coming open. >> he could be a canada quarterback. >> what is the hoopla about hula doll. we'll discuss it when we come back.
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live from mark's news headquarters, i'm kelly wright. good morning. here is what's happening. a hurricane watch has been issued as hurricane madeline nears the big island of hawaii. the storm is expected to make landfall by wednesday. people in the area could experience hurricane-force winds , heavy rain and high surf. and floridians could soon get drenched by a tropical weather storm to prepare for the possibility of heavy rain. they are happening out free sandbags. the storm could hit land as a tropical storm. the u.s. is meeting president obama's goal of bringing 10,000 syrian refugees into the country for the current fiscal year. millions of people were forced to flee to escape the civil war and persecution. critics who are against bringing the refugees to america say it could jeprodize
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u.s. security. donald trump is weighing in on san francisco 49 you ares quarterback colin kaepernick's refusal to stand for the national anthem. trump calls it a terrible thing and said kaepernick should find a country that works better for him. kaepernick says he plans to sit through the anthem until he sees significant progress in racially layingses in the country. driving in the does is getting more dangerous. according to the government there was a 7.2% hike in traffic deaths compared to the previous year. it is the largest single year increase since 1966 and it is blamed on more drivers on the road now. and actor gene wilder has died. he was in classics like "young frankenstein,"" blazing saddles" and "willy wonka and the chocolate factory." gene wilder was 83 years old.
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now back to "red eye." social justice anna lis nielsen went off on her uber driver for having a dancing hula girl on his dashboard. >> that is adorable. you didn't think the pill ridging of -- pillaging of the continent of hawaii. that doll is offensive to me, but you don't want to take it down because you found it at goodwill and it was a good find. >> i'm sorry about that. >> i am going to do worse than give uh one store. you will be on gawker. >> i'm on gawker? >> you will be published on gawker. >> thank you. >> you will be the next internet meme and it will be super funny. don't worry. they made up by the end.
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>> i wasn't nice enough to you? that's fine. i have been video recording the entire time. >> and that's cool. you are being respectful. >> no, actually you have been rude and entitled. >> i'm sorry my hawaiian lady is offending you. >> i'm sorry you have no consideration for hawaiian people who don't want to be a bobblehead item in your car driving for lift you selfish [bleep] idiot. >> i guess i'm being rude. >> they didn't mess up. the sassy passenger said in part, quote, everyone already knows that i am an annoying monster. who cares? >> that makes me like her. >> something about me doing this is shocking, but it was not my most eloquent moment. i was drunk and furious. >> to me i was going say like
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that is the best trump date ever. when i think of her reaction, morning of trump it is like, let's do it. that to me is let's go full in to here. that would be worth the nuclear war or whatever happens. >> look, steven, she has concerns about the continent of hawaii and in ahnuclear war that gets it, the continent of hawaii. >> don't you watch movies ? >> the last time i went, the most expensive part was to pay for the island girls at the lieu hua. the last time i went and they make the most money. she thinks she will go somewhere and it is her big
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internet moment. it is so far, but -- >> well you will go out with her now. >> you would have had it if gawker didn't go out of business. >> you will be on the saturday evening post. i will i will be a drawing that norman bank well -- >> the poor guy is driving for lift. he is not trying to offend anybody. >> it is so elitist these working joes in their cars. >> it ought techily makes people belittle their drivers. that's why we should go back to grabbing are ka -- cars days of old. >> that's racist. >> i didn't even think of that. that's like the hue lieu doll of tv commentary. her career, she is a pour nothing graw per. pour nothing graw -- pornogropher. women centric.
12:29 am
she moved on from that and now owns a friendship networking site where she will revolutionize friendship because she is good -- >> because she does president -- she doesn't have any. >> she likes to make conversation in the car. that's something isn't it? >> i think i would have thrown her out the window. >> i have always been my own racist dolls into the car. everybody bring their own. whatever you want. i think the hawaii abs like the hula girls. i don't want to say that. somebody from twitter is like, no. my dad has one of the swiss dolls. you have the doctors and you
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have the dolls. >> coming up, he is on "red eye" and ready to whip this place into shape.
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welcome back. time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed. >> glad to be back. >> really? >> you are not going away anytime soon again?
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bill? >> before i start let's keep this half time glue 10 free, shall we? >> i think you can trust me to do that. i am more focused on id. >> the claim that he may be a risk for hillary clinton? >> everything is out, right? it has been put into cyberspace. i am not sure there is anything more that can happen. so she is a security risk on her own. >> you said this is wiener's third sexting scandal in five years. >> yes. >> think of the woman he hasn't sexted. they only talk about the times he didn't. >> there are millions. >> are at least a million women in america. >> tom, you are also correct that he officiated.
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>> he asked if he is a boat captain. >> he is giving new meaning to the liso deck. >> he was talking about when his kid interrupted him. >> did you mean wiener or the kid? >> the whole house. leave me alone. >> tom were you trying to blame the kid for this? >> there should be -- i think you should have tksing time. >> is that what you tell your kids? daddy is texting? i am texting for business of course. >> kt, you say the real person
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should be -- come on. >> i mean what about her health? >> what about the glasses with the lines in them. >> she wears glasses. >> let's see your glasses. >> i don't have them with me. if i did they would have bi-focals. >> that's a separate story. >> you asked how in the world is this guy not gary johnson's doctor? because he has his own stash. >> and he needs friends once in awhile. >> what do you think? >> he is so square. >> i am fairly certain he has his own dr. feel good. bill, you said you don't think you are alone saying that he looks like the crazy scientist from "independence day." you are correct.
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>> so a lot of 350e78 saw it. >> saying it, tweeting it. >> i never heard it. it was fresh to me. i have been away. >> stay up on it. >> can we talk about the best thing here? do we have a picture? bill, you eluded to this. he has a mug that looks like a pill bottle. i think that is the coolest thing in the world. yes, you are a doctor. we get it. >> nice organized desktop on the computer. >> i think he is running windows xp or maybe windows 95. microsoft does not update that anymore. come on. >> kaepernick, bill, you and tom trash kaepernick for reading blogs or whatever. i read the transcript and believe it or not he seems to have thought this thing through.
12:38 am
you can think something through and come to the wrong conclusion. >> absolutely. i think he has done more -- it sounds like he has done more than read a couple of blogs. i'm angry about that. >> you tracked your visitors and kaepernick wasn't there? >> yes. >> it was the denver nuggets. >> kt, you said if this country is so racist why not take his money and give it to a worthy cause? >> how do you know he does president. >> what worthy cause would you suggest. >> i am not in in the cause of suggesting causes to other people. >> i can't wait to read his philanthropy. >> i am sick of the pc culture they are everyone -- pc
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culture where everyone gets mad. stop being so pc. stop whining. >> absolutely. >> i am okay with people. that's the normal reaction. this is how not a big deal is. he has done this before pre-season and nobody noticed. like this is the first time he hasn't done it. answer that question. >> he was a starting quarterback back then? >> this was a week ago and he was president the starting quarterback. >> never mind. lift passenger offended by a hula dancer. i made it three minutes in and then i had to stop. at the deserve a trophy forgetting that far. >> that was wonderful. i watched the whole thing. it is fascinating. >> her voice.
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i couldn't do it. steven you mocked her by saying this will be on gawker. this happened in march. >> i bought the up dates lake and she sealed freshly angry. not only is hawaii not a continent, but it is not considered part of a continent. this is what she tweeted on march 12th, just had a racist lift driver kick me out on the freeway. what a time to be alive. what a time to be alive indeed. >> i am done. >> thank you, andy. time to take a bract. we will discuss the career of comedy great gene wilder.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm kelly wright. good morning. here is what is happening. three regions of our nation bracing for a possible whallop. the first sign of trouble is a tropical depression approaching north carolina's coastline. forecasters are expected to become a tropical storm and there is a second near key west, florida possibly bringing heavy rains to tampa and saint petersburg. this is what is brewing in the central pacific. two powerful hurricanes. right now lester poses no threat.
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madeline could hit the big island by wednesday. >> there is a large degree of uncertainty in the track. it is higher than normal. there is a lot of back and forth. it is hard to know if it will go south or north of the islands. >> on a related note it has been 11 years since hurricane katrina . yesterday the city marked the anniversary with a wreath laying ceremony to remember the 1200 people killed in the floods. president obama will meet with his turkish counterparts. the two will discuss and talk about isis and syria. italy is the sight of a state funeral honoring the victims of last week 292 deaths occurred. orlando's major theme park are
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now offering free bug repellent to visitors. disney world and sea world orlando will calm fears over the zika virus. that's a look at this hour and now back to "red eye." >> when i was a child gene wilder as willy wonka spoke to me. heen fused silliness with a mix of anger and a rigid disciplinary that spoke to my heart. wilder died at the age of 83 due to complications of alzheimer's disease. during his career he starred in many classics, "the
12:47 am
producers,"" blazing saz dels" young franken seen" and stir crazy" to name a few. here are some of my favorites. >> are we awake? >> we are not sure. are we black? >> yes, we are. >> then we are awake, but we are puzzled. >> are you saying that i put an abnormal wine -- brain into a seven and a half foot long, 54 inch wide your -- gorilla! is that what you are telling me? >> tim, gene wilder.
12:48 am
comic genius. he was just funny. he didn't need great material. he was just funny. >> when he would flip out and rage it would come from a genuine place, a dark place. just a hilarious place. he is one of the -- it is someone that you don't -- you forget about people and you don't see the work a lot and then when they die you start to remember them and go back and see these movies again. these were hilarious. "blazing saddles" and" stir crazy" are funny movies that holdup today. >> gene, you met gene wilder. >> briefly and it was awesome. i was on a big -- the gig. the owner said i am all full. he said i am about to sit down at my table. sit down. halfway he said you are not the only celebrity here tonight. gene wilder comes in every thursday and you want to meet him? i was like -- the monster.
12:49 am
they bring him out and he was so nice. he was taller and then i remember he playing opposite pryor and he was so polite and he spoke so softly. i had to loop in and he was gracious and we talked for maybe five minutes and he was really, really sweet. >> a classy guy. >> when you think about the heros we don't have anymore. politics and in sports and tv stars and movie stars he was a real class act. when his wife got sick of ovarian cancer and died of it, instead of mourning and feeling terry -- terrible he formed with a lot of her friends and a lot of the ovarian cancer awareness group. he took a tragedy of the miss diagnosed early death of his wife and turned it into
12:50 am
something good. i say not only were you fun intoe and manificent in your career. what a great role model. >> you have to go. you won't mind if he skips out. >> coming up, what words should you stop writing in e-mails 1234 e-mail etiquette next.
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coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye" jessica tarlov and jimmy fala. >> i hope you are well. it is a scurge on e-mail correspondents according to dana edmonds. she knows no person is safe from pouting out the meaning less salutation and e-mails are incomplete without it. how should you start off a message. one suggestion is say nothing at all and jump into the e-mail. the other was find any other way to begin it. every dash darn evans gives lines like are you surviving the disgusting heat wave. did you watch merman?
12:55 am
>> i also like to kor my correspondents fresh. dear friend i hope are you swell. it is easy. what do you think? do you see this phrase all the time? >> i see i hope you are well and i get angry. i don't know why somebody would say you hope i am well. >> do you think it is passive aggressive? jie they try -- >> they are trying to destroy me. i see i hope you are well and i i see this person is trying to kill me. >> i know how they are writing it. >> what kind of phrases do you use in your e-mail? >> i never use them at all. why muck around with that stuff? who cares? i get the point, hello, goodbye, out. >> do you see this phrase a lot 1234 i hope you're well?
12:56 am
>> i see it all the team. >> the situation of a worthless phrase seems ridiculous to me. she sounds much more useless. >> i put it at the end. i don't start off this is well. some people like tim wishing for not have death bring upon them. i put an e-mail to tim so he thinks he is safe and then he finds out i want to kill him. >> i say i hope all is well and the only thing i want to say in an e-mail is it is 2016 and why are we still using e-mail. e-mail seems like an aol thing from 1997. >> how do you communicate? >> they can get uh hold of me on twitter and text me. anybody that i need to talk to avoids me on twitter. >> i don't care about you.
12:57 am
>> that's it. >> i don't care about you at all. >> that sets them at ease. i hope you are all well at home and be well.
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>> that's it for us. "special report" is up next. from cold war to cyber war, the fbi says someone is trying to break into state election computers. and a lot of suspicion falls on russian-backed hackers. this is "special report." welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. it appears foreign cyber criminals are going after voting data and maybe your vote. there are concerns tonight that someone has already tried to hack into the computers that run the november election. and those concerns are setting off alarm bells here in washington, and all over the country. chief


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